Get away, along the way!

Award winning wines from the Shawnee Hill Wine Trail.

Orlandini Vineyard began its roots in 1988 when their first vines were planted. Over two decades later the grapes are still flourishing. Orlandini Vineyard is located on one of southern Illinois' highest ridge tops, deep in the heart of the Shawnee Hills A.V.A. After years of practice and experimentation in wine making, Orlandini Vineyard began releasing wines to the the public in 2001. Novices and connoisseurs have been enjoying our hand tended vintages ever since.

Let Our Tasting Room Be Your Space!

If you are in need of a place to have a party, meeting, fundraiser, or other event, consider the tasting room of Orlandini Vineyard! Our cozy room can be the perfect private place to gather with others. We can be open for you most evenings or weekdays, serve wine for your guests, and of course catered food or potlucks are welcome! Just email to let us know what we can host for you!


List of our upcoming events here at Orlandini Vineyards!

  • 6/3 Nate Graham 3-6pm
  • 6/4 Todd Pierson 2-5pm
  • 6/10 Moving Mary 3-6 pm
  • 6/11 BJ Reach 2-5 pm
  • 6/17 Sarah Lannom 3-6 pm
  • 6/18 Chris Brown 2-5 pm
  • 6/24 Marshall Anderson 3-6pm
  • 6/25 Misdemeanor Marty 2-5pm



2014 Vidal (dry white) Grown by Harvest Moon located just three miles south of our vineyard. Bright, crisp, and balanced. Our Vidal is vinted without oak to amplify the natural grapefruit and lemongrass flavors of the grape variety and to enhance the natural mineral taste. Serve chilled alongside shellfish, fruit and cheese platters, poultry dishes, or a lemon merengue pie.

2014 Dry Vignoles (dry white) A limited estate grown vintage paired with American oak. The balance of the subtle fruit with the addition of oak is a new style that offers a more creamy body and one of a kind taste. This wine pairs best with mild cheeses, lighter meats with cream sauce, or exotic fruit style desserts.

2013 Reserve Chambourcin (dry red) An estate wine grown and crafted to showcase the balance a Chambourcin can offer. Similar to a Pinot Noir, but with more bite. We only contact the reserve with American & French oak for a limited time to ensure the fruitiness is not overpowered by wood. Smooth and medium bodied, this vintage is smoky and spicy. This wine is ready to drink now but will age well for up to ten years. Goes well with marbled beef, Creole food, or it pairs well with any tomato based dish.


Saluki White (semi-sweet white) Our Riesling wine is led by its bright floral nose of white rose and honeysuckle. The taste begins with flavors of a candied lemon drop and has a lingering finish of cool and crisp green apple. Serve chilled alone or with a grilled tropical style fish, Thai cuisine, or very sharp cheese.

Saluki Blush (semi-sweet blush) A traditionally produced blush made without oak, this is a light bodied way to enjoy the taste of the Chambourcin grape. The grapes for the blush are always the first red grapes off the vine during harvest which is when sugars are lowest and acids are higher allowing this wine to have flavors bursting of red cherries and other early spring berries.

Rosso Gustoso (semi-sweet red) Ask your server for pronunciation tips. This is a one of a kind wine. We start by fermenting the grapes on their skins to produce the rich purple color. Cranberry with spicy red apple peel lead the nose and the palette. Serve room temperature or slightly chilled. Pairs well with fall vegetables and mushrooms, pork dishes with apple, and goat cheese.


Saluki Red (sweet red) Wine vinted for the sophisticated sweet wine drinker. Produced from the Chambourcin grape, this produced luscious black cherry and juicy dark plum notes. Best served chilled it is a great pairing for dry rubbed barbeque, grilled summer vegetables, and creamy desserts.